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Quality of image

Most of cameras offer different image quality which is close connected with compression method. The best quality is available with RAW image format image which presents a dataset of original CCD's  Bayer pattern. The image can be converted in camera into 12-bit TIFF which presents still smaller file, and with similar process can also be converted into 36-bit TIFF.  JPEG is 24 bit RGB file which can be compressed by different compression algorithms and requests much less of disk space. Here is the table of different quality file types that can be supported by Dimage 7, based on the photo of same subject.

File type File size (KB) Picture size Comp. ratio
RAW  9698 2560x1800 1
12 bit TIFF  14429 2560x1800 1
Fine JPEG  1330 2560x1800 3
Std JPEG  520 2560x1800 6
Econ JPEG  271 2560x1800 11
1600 JPEG  503 1600x1280 3
1280 JPEG  331 1280x960 3
640 JPEG  118 640x480 3
36 bit TIFF 28829 2560x1800 1

How different quality level and final image resolution affects to the image is shown on small sections of these images on the left side. In first column are on 10 cm at 72 dpi resampled pictures with data available. In second column are 10 cm tall clippings made without any resample method so the original screen size is presented. Third column is most interesting: the clippings are made from small approximately same size subject's size clippings, resampled with stretch/truncate method onto 10 cm large images. On these images the way of original recording in camera and resample of pixels is notable.

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