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Default settings

This picture was taken with default settings as follows in table below.  It is used to compare it to pictures with different settings of camera. Because of easier work, the picture was taken as landscape, clipped to 677x550 mm (screen size at 72 dpi) and resampled into 14% of full-size format. The clippings were made without resample. Magnified cuttings were made as 2% clippings, resampled with stretch/truncate resample method. The color space I left original Minolta's color space, so the color match is not used. Original (1262 KB)

Picture data:

Reduced on


Reduced size with resample method. The percent means both, the size or pixel number ratio. The 14% is approximate 677 mm height/100 mm width of picture.

Resampling process


Anti alias is the method which recalculate intermediate pixels. When use stretch/truncate method, for each pixel the expected number of same-colored pixels are added between pixels. 


30 steps (Photopaint)

Compression ratio is unique for each program. Usually, the creator of program establishes and offers default optimal compression ratio which presents the lower level quality of screen used pictures which is still acceptable for most of users. I found out that Photopaint's optimal compression ratio is 50. For most of here presented pictures I used Photopaint's 30 steps.

Original image data:


fine JPEG

Although the camera offers RAW format I decided to make most of shots in JPEG fine quality mode. For this home page purposes I made also a picture in TIFF and one in RAW format to compare them with JPEGs.



The number of pixels of original image. 

File size

1262 KB

The same subject was used to make identical pictures in different file formats. Uncompressed raw file measures 9698 KB, converted to 36 bit TIFF increases to 28829 KB, but the same picture taken directly with camera gave 14429 KB as 12 bit TIFF format. The size of JPEG file depends of amount of color information of image. Original camera Minolta's 2 steps compressed JPEG is 1262 KB large, but when converted RAW to uncompressed JPEG, the file size is 3034 KB.

Image size/72dpi

903 x 677 mm

Image size of 2560 x 1800 pixels measures 903 x 677 mm on screen by 72 dpi. The final image size on different screen or printer resolution could be recalculated with formula:

size in mm = 25,4 * number of pixels / device resolution (dpi) 


200 mm

200 mm (real 50,8 mm), in some cases magnified with additional lenses



Set from 3,5 to 9,5 at real 7,2-50,8 mm

Shutter time

1/20 sec




Adjustable 100, 200, 400, 800






Adjustable from -3 to +3



Adjustable from -3 to +3



Adjustable from -3 to +3



Adjustable soft, normal, hard