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The level of sharpening could be set in camera, or later, corrected by a program. Here are some examples of computer sharpening of picture at different ratios with Photopaint at 10, 20, 50 and 100 steps. At this point is good to know that sensor always gets the same sharpen value and considers it at conversion to JPEG or TIFF. If this fact is considered, the best way is to set sharpness in camera to 'soft' and correct it later to desired value. By sharpening some artifacts  appear; most visible is white-black echo, which is mostly amplified sharpening artifact made in camera. If you take a better look at magnified pictures available by clicking on buttons on the left side, the echo is not visible any more because the picture was taken at 'soft'. 



05_Astrophytum____20012_before_sharpen.JPG (4703 bytes)

5 steps (Photopaint) sharpened picture

05_Astrophytum____20012_after_sharpen.JPG (6208 bytes)

Last change 13 december 2001